About Us

Antoniette and Jamie Gomez are the creators of Chakra Mindset. The mother and son duo share a passion for life, wellbeing, community and personal development. The Chakra Mindset concept is about creating a life of abundance through self-care, love, gratitude and giving.

Antoniette Gomez

Antoniette is a pioneer in the field of personal development. She wrote the Chakra Mindset – Personal Development through the Chakras to introduce the Chakras as a way to self-care and growth. Antoniette works with individuals and organisations with a focus on self-mastery and creating abundance through manifestation, goal setting and taking responsibility for creating your ideal life.

Antoniette is a wellbeing coach and NLP trainer. She works with coaches and NLP practitioners throughout Australia and is aspiring to take Chakra Mindset lifestyle to all parts of the globe.

Jamie Gomez

Since graduating from the University of Canberra in 2013, Jamie has been focused on co-creating the Chakra Mindset concept and spreading the message across the globe.

Jamie is passionate about social equity, music and a healthy lifestyle. Jamie composed the soundtrack for the Chakra Mindset meditations and is the creator of the Kindness Mindset concept. His vision is to grow both the Chakra Mindset and the Kindness Mindset in the hope of helping and inspiring people to live their life with generosity and compassion.