Energy and a Positive State of Mind Are Everything

There is one paradox that often comes to mind that sums up the complexity of business for me, and that’s the statement made by the honourable Julia Gillard in one of her addresses “whether you’re the daughter of a cleaner, or you’re the daughter of a millionaire” Hang on, what if you are both? Growing

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Is F@#! holding you back?

Is F@#! Holding You Back?

Is fear holding you back from working towards your ideals? For many of us, fear is a major contributor to lack of follow through to reach our goals. However, the reality is before we even get to feel fear we need to admit to ourselves that there is in fact a need or a want

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The Secret to a Balanced Life

Are you searching for a balanced life?  This ever illusive statement that is often thrown around in the world of personal development means so many different things to different people, and yet many strive to make the ideal a one size fits all. The Chakra Mindset philosophy is that we are all individuals living a

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Reaching Your Goals Is as Simple as One, Two, Three

I work with many clients who struggle with articulating what they want out of life. I often ask new clients if they had three wishes for life, what they would be; a fairly simple yet exciting question that many people struggle with. However on the contrary, when I ask the question list three things in your

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Limiting beliefs

Limiting Beliefs Result in Limited Lives

Where focus goes energy flows As a wellbeing coach and trainer I work with many individuals from all walks of life and one of the most common obstacles that challenges success and a fulfilled life is staring at us every time we look in the mirror. Our beliefs dictate the quality of our lives, when they

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