Reaching Your Goals Is as Simple as One, Two, Three

I work with many clients who struggle with articulating what they want out of life. I often ask new clients if they had three wishes for life, what they would be; a fairly simple yet exciting question that many people struggle with. However on the contrary, when I ask the question list three things in your life that you are not happy about, the struggle then becomes too limit it to three. So why is it that we tend to spend more of our time focusing on and being really clear about what we don’t want?
The reality is if the same amount of time and energy was to be spent on being clear about what we do want; life would be much more abundant and harmonious.

Solar plexus

So how are you at goal setting? Are you one of those people who dare to dream, takes action and creates a life of inspiration and excitement? If not, I have one simple question… Why?

The most common answers to this question are: If I don’t dream, I don’t fail. and if I set goals life gets in the way and I can’t follow through. My answer to this is bullocks!

Follow these three sure fire steps to attaining your goals:

•     Change your mindset, change your life!
•     Set your goal using a SMART goal format:
o    Specific
o    Measurable
o    Attainable
o    Realistic
o    Timed
•    Be flexible in your approach. Understand that the goal you are working towards may evolve as you change and grow; be flexible in your thinking and in your approach.

Most importantly remember that it all starts with you! Your current situation is a reflection of the actions you’ve taken and the choices you have made up until now. If it’s not ideal, choose to do things differently.

Antoniette Gomez
Chakra Mindset

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