The Secret to a Balanced Life

Are you searching for a balanced life?  This ever illusive statement that is often thrown around in the world of personal development means so many different things to different people, and yet many strive to make the ideal a one size fits all.

The Chakra Mindset philosophy is that we are all individuals living a different and unique experience that although aligned in many ways is vastly different for each individual. Traditionally when working with the chakras we are taught the following:

Root – Survival and belonging
Sacral – Pleasure and sensuality
Solar Plexus – Personal power and self-esteem
Heart – Relationships, giving and receiving
Throat – Communication and creativity
Third Eye – Intuition and vision
Crown – Spirituality and connection

We embraces the tradition of the chakras and the widely known definitions; however we have taken the concept one step further with the intention of personalising each of these definitions to help you find your own ‘ideal flow’. At the Chakra Mindset we encourage you to break down and define each of these labels and what they mean to you.

Using the Root Chakra for example, if I was to assume that I knew and understood what survival meant to you that would be very arrogant of me. If I was to ask, and I have many hundreds of times, “what does survival mean to you?” the multitude of answers will be vastly different and unique to each individual. In order to reach a balanced life, you need to have a clear picture of your desired outcomes. Once you have this definition, you will be more compelled to move toward your ideal state.

Each of us have a different purpose and ‘ideal flow’ and we encourage you to explore and find yours. Take some time to reflect on each of the statements used to define the chakras and explore what each of them means to you. Don’t let society dictate the ideal; instead take some time to create your own.

Visit our website at www.chakramindset.com and take our free quiz to explore and create your ideal flow.

Colour your life.

Antoniette Gomez

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