Energy and a Positive State of Mind Are Everything

There is one paradox that often comes to mind that sums up the complexity of business for me, and that’s the statement made by the honourable Julia Gillard in one of her addresses “whether you’re the daughter of a cleaner, or you’re the daughter of a millionaire”

Hang on, what if you are both?

Growing up in a family business gave me the opportunity to learn many life skills. It provided an intimate view of the dynamics and intricacies of hierarchy and status in the business arena.

My father was and still is my primary mentor, a commercial cleaner who ran a very successful business in the region for over thirty years. He taught me all I know about business, leadership and equality.

These days I work with senior business leaders across sectors, in both group and individual forums, and have the privilege to support, advise and observe some of the best business minds in the region.

Over the years I have identified certain attributes and mindsets that set apart the successful from those seeking to succeed.
Purpose – A person who has a purpose in their life has a drive and energy that is compelling and addictive.

Dare to dream – What if failure wasn’t an option? What would you do? Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs let their dreams guide their actions, and thus set the course for their reality.

An attitude of curiosity – Approach each day with an open heart and an open mind, you will be surprised at what you will find.

Take action – No dream ever came to fruition without deliberate and consistent action. Be clear on what it is you want, and take the steps required to move you there.

Act as if – If you can’t imagine it, you will never attain it. Spend time living your dreams; what would it feel like, look like and be like once you have achieved your ideals? Let your thoughts and actions take you there.

Success is a state of mind, and you get to choose.

Antoniette Gomez

Author Chakra Mindset: Personal Development through the Chakras

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