Limiting beliefs

Limiting Beliefs Result in Limited Lives

Where focus goes energy flows

As a wellbeing coach and trainer I work with many individuals from all walks of life and one of the most common obstacles that challenges success and a fulfilled life is staring at us every time we look in the mirror. Our beliefs dictate the quality of our lives, when they are positive and joyful our lifestyle and relationships reflect our state of mind. When our beliefs are disempowering and limiting it leads to a lifestyle that is less than perfect with echoes’ of “if only” being replayed in our minds.

heart centre icon or third layerThe first step in challenging our limiting beliefs is recognising that they exist, once we have done this we then need to understand why we hold these beliefs to be true. Is it through experience? The result of the things we have been told by others? Or is it the stories we feed ourselves that are founded on insecurities and lack of self-worth?
Once we identify the source of our beliefs we are then able to challenge their authority and reframe our thinking in order to better serve us.

An example of this approach that Antoniette uses often with clients is related to the lack of ability to make money doing something that they love. The limiting belief is usually something like: “I can’t make money doing something I love”. This results in people working in jobs that stifle them, while doing things that they are passionate about as a hobby. Reframing this belief to: “I can make money doing what I love” gets the unconscious to start taking this belief on as fact. The important thing to remember is if you can’t imagine it you will never have it, so start thinking things the way you would like them to be.

Many people are unable to imagine themselves having or being worthy of the type of lifestyle they desire. You must firstly believe in order to achieve. To start releasing your limiting beliefs take some time to reflect on the areas of your life that you would like to change. Firstly imagine how you would like things to be, and then notice where you are now. I want you to note the gap from current to ideal and write down any beliefs you hold true that have held you back from attaining your ideal. Reframe the statements into positive affirmations, write these affirmations down and take the time each day to look at yourself in the mirror and recite them. Now it’s time to move onto the action portion of the success formula.

Belief, intention and focus combined with action will lead you towards your ideal; remember: “where focus goes energy flows”.

Antoniette Gomez
Chakra Mindset

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