Chakra Mindset Package

Personal development through the chakras.

The Chakra Mindset book and program is perfect for the person who wants to learn more about the chakras by actually applying that knowledge towards positive personal life changes. The program provides the reader with a seven week approach to working through each of the Chakras to find their Ideal flow. It also provides the guidance and space to maintain these results and implement the learnings into daily practices.

Chakra Mindset | Personal development through the chakras

Whats Inside


Strategies and exercises that when consistently practiced will become as natural as breathing and eating.


The Energy Intention Techniques are guided activities for releasing limiting beliefs and setting future goals.


Detailing the Chakra Mindset concept and assisting you to work towards creating the life of your dreams.


The Chakra State Analysis will help you explore the flow of energy in each of your chakras


A space for reflection and to take notes in regard to your journey as you walk through the program.


Guided meditations for each of the Chakras





This book forms part of a personal development program that uses the chakra system as the structure to work through different areas of life.

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complete digital

Complete Digital


Instantly download The Chakra Mindset E-book and PDF, Fillable PDF Journal, MP3 Energy Intention Techniques and MP3 Meditations.

"Chakra Mindset combines NLP with chakra consciousness to help the reader identify and reprogram self-defeating core beliefs."

Joy Gardner


"Chakra Mindset allows people to map their own changes in a way that suits each individual and yet is still systematic."

Pip McKay

CEO of Evolve Now!

"What I love about Antoniette’s approach, with Chakra Mindset, is her ability to bring spirituality and practicality together in a profound and meaningful way that still gets results in the material world."

Pip McKay

CEO of Evolve Now!

Meet the Author

Antoniette Gomez has written Chakra Mindset as a companion to assist individuals in systemising thoughts, priorities and individual aspirations in order to achieve balance and a fulfilling life.

Chakra State Analysis

In order to move forward and identify what area of your life and what chakras you may wish to focus more attention on you need to first identify the current state for each chakra.