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$20.00 AUD
This book forms part of a personal development program that uses the chakra system as the structure ..
The Complete Chakra Mindset Program (+Digital)
$39.95 AUD
This package includes the complete program that is made up of the Chakra Mindset Book and Journal, t..
Balance Oracle Cards
$25.00 AUD
The Chakra Mindset Balance Oracle Cards are a comprehensive tool for working with and balancing the ..
Complete Digital
$29.95 AUD
Instantly download The Chakra Mindset E-book and PDF, Fillable PDF Journal, MP3 Energy Intentio..
Book & Journal
$35.00 AUD
This Package includes a hard copy of the Chakra Mindset Book and the Chakra Mindset Journal as your ..
$15.95 AUD
EBook suitable for kindle and iPad & PDF ..
$15.00 AUD
A space for reflection and to take notes in regards to your journey as you work through the program ..
Journal (Fillable PDF)
$10.00 AUD
A space for reflection and to take notes in regards to your journey as you work throu..
Meditations (MP3)
$15.00 AUD
Digital download - Short guided meditations for each of the chakras and a longer meditation that ref..
Energy Intention Techniques (MP3)
$10.00 AUD
Digital Download - The Energy Intention Techniques are guided activities to assist you in releasing ..