3 Minute Quiz

Quick review of your current Chakra function

Complete Quiz

Comprehensive quiz that forms part of the Chakra Mindset program

Chakra State Analysis

In order to move forward and identify what area of your life you need to spend more time focusing on you need to first identify the chakra state for each chakra. Working through the Chakra State Analysis will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on all areas of your life, notice what is going well, and gain an understanding of the areas in which you would like to make some changes.

When you undertake the Chakra State Analysis you need to go with your instincts. Do not over-analyse your initial responses. For some this may be the first step to challenging your current obstacles.

Quick 3 minute quiz – This quiz is an ideal starting to point that will enable you to gain an understanding about which of your chakras are working well.

For each Chakra rate the statements, words or phrases from 1 to 10.

Option 2 – Complete Quiz – This Analysis is a more in-depth review of your current chakra state, and is recommended as part of the Chakra Mindset program. This analysis should take ten to twenty minutes to complete.

For each Chakra select the suggested number of statements, words or phrases that best represents the current status of the Chakra. If you are starting your Chakra Mindset journey it is recommended that you start with the minimum number suggested.

If you resonate with a shadow aspect word or phrase please select the positive aspect – it is up to you to determine if the reframed word or phrase resonates with how you would like your reality to be.

You will then be asked to rank your current flow in each area from a long way to go to I am there.

Once you have completed either quiz you will have the opportunity to print your results and use them as a basis for reflection and change.