"Chakra Mindset combines NLP with chakra consciousness to help the reader identify and reprogram self-defeating core beliefs. Using non-intellectual methods such as yoga, crystals and aromatherapy, the reader is given an arsenal of modalities to communicate effectively with the subconscious and ease it into a more productive mindset. This will in turn, help to open up all of the chakras so that they can function optimally, creating a condition of health and harmony in the body, mind and spirit."

Joy Gardner, Author

Vibrational Healing through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy

"The Chakra Mindset programme has enabled me to explore in depth aspects of myself that were ‘energetically stuck’ and, therefore, preventing me from being all I could be. I was able to clarify what was not working well and then change those aspects through the different methods in the programme. It was not a quick fix. I took all the time I needed within each Chakra level before moving to the next one. Some have taken longer than others, however, this has ensured that the results I have obtained are permanent and sustainable. They are just part of who I am now. The Chakra Mindset programme provides all the tools and resources you need to create a life that has more energy, more flow and more balance. Give yourself permission to commit to the journey."

Frances Lamb

Rubicon Coaching and Training Solutions

"As a woman who has been aware of my chakras for many years BUT who had in only recent times decided to focus upon them, to stimulate, activate and balance their energies, when asked by a friend if I would like to attend this one day workshop I was more than excited. The Chakra Mindset workshop is GREAT for someone who has little or no idea of the chakras to someone like myself who wanted a more in depth look at them OR for the very advanced person who knows all but is not practising. Antoniette, has truly discovered a way that makes learning, activating, and or balancing the charkas a joy to do. She breaks everything down so it is easily absorbed and put to use immediately. This workshop shifted my focus back to my chakras and together with the Chakra Mindset CD's, Book and Journal my journey is peaceful yet very enjoyable. I would recommend anyone to attend The Chakra Mindset workout and be open to receiving a new more positive out look on life. Thanks to the Chakra Mindset workshop I now have my own business - something I have always wanted to do.... the blocks were lifted in just one workshop! Thank you Chakra Mindset even my partner now has the job of his dream since following this way of life!"

Jewell Tyler

Mind, Body and Soul Transformation Health Coach

"Chakra Mindset allows people to map their own changes in a way that suits each individual and yet is still systematic. It allows you to search for deeper meaning, happiness and peace in a way that gives you real outcomes in your day-to-day life. What I love about Antoniette’s approach, with Chakra Mindset, is her ability to bring spirituality and practicality together in a profound and meaningful way that still gets results in the material world."

Pip McKay

CEO of Evolve Now! Mind Institute Pty Ltd and Archetype Academy ®
Co-founder of the Australian Board of NLP